Lxde tutorial

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After installing a base Gentoo system, and the X serverthere are many choices to consider regarding which graphical environment will be best to use. Some users might like having a lightweight graphical environment, but do not wish to install and configure every component individually like with Openbox.

For quite some time users in this position would install Xfce because it fit the description of a lightweight environment and came with a suite of lightweight applications. Users however who dislike all those dependencies dbuspolkitconsolekitLXDE, being a desktop environment, is comprised of several components.

Each program offers a certain functionality; together they form a complete desktop environment. Currently there are eleven core components and several other programs necessary to make a complete LXDE installation.

While each component can be installed individually, the more efficient and typically preferred method is to emerge the meta package set:. Upon review of the emerge command's output if the current set of USE flags looks good, etc. This will automatically start a LXDE session when the startx command is typed at the console.

An error message may be seen when a session is started without D-Bus running and the shutdown and reboot options will not be available. A different error will be seen if D-Bus is running but without a ConsoleKit session.

lxde tutorial

The first thing that may appear is a warning about an improper GTK icon set. To fix this minor hangup change the icon theme. Click Apply and then click Close. The next time a user logs in to LXDE the error message will not appear.

Users are not limited to using the nuoveXT. They may install any other icon theme through LXappearance. Rather, there are some common options that are handled through a right-click menu on the desktop. At the bottom of that menu is the "Desktop Settings" menu. Here users can find icon sizes, single-click and double-click behavior, maximum thumbnail size, and desktop wallpaper settings.

It may behoove one to look through the these tabs for additional appearance settings. It can be quite confusing. There are many ways to take screenshots in LXDE, but all methods require some work in order for them to operate as desired.

The solution below uses xwd to capture screenshots, imagemagick convert to save them to png, and notify-send to send a notification to desktop. Add the following to the. If laptop-mode-tools are installed, these values could be leading.

There are many resources available regarding the various facets of the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. Some additional resources are listed below:. Jump to: navigationsearch. Not to be confused with LXD. This article is a stub.

lxde tutorial

You can help by expanding it. Bugs upstream.

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LXDE will show up as a choice on the login manager's screen. Important As each user has their own. Make sure to properly modify the file for each user for a correct setup. This process involves using the su command to change to each user's account or another safe method. Using the root account for modifying.We have just written about XFCE tweaking yesterday.

Now we need to explain briefly how to tweak LXDE. LXDE is different because it makes use of Openbox as window manager. We use Lubuntu We hope this basic guide may help anyone uses LXDE. Window Anatomy Red Box: window decoration or window border. Controlled by window manager named Openbox. Green Boxes: toolkit components such as button, scrollbar, tab, etc. Controlled by GTK theme. Yellow Boxes: icon components. So if we want to change window border, we just need to install Openbox theme.

To install Openbox theme. The borders will change immediately. Finally select installed icon to enable it.

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See picture above. Note : we can copy icon set folder i. This is a plain panel. We need to add it some applets. References Openbox Wiki Howto : official Openbox guide. Openbox Wiki Theme : Openbox wiki theming. BOX Look : download Openbox themes. Openbox Themes Download : official Openbox themes. DeviantArt Openbox : search Openbox artwork.

Newer Post. Older Post. Ade Malsasa Akbar contact. Saturday, November 7, at Window Anatomy. Subscribe by Email. Recent Comments.Within this environment there are plenty of applications and utilities.

In your projects you may want to auto-load one or more of these applications when you run startx to save you having to launch them manually. This method uses a global list of autostart applications that applies to all user accounts. They will load whenever LXDE is loaded regardless of what user is logged in at the time.

After the last line add a line for each application you wish to autorun.

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The alternative method is to create a configuration file that is unique to the currently logged in user. First you need to edit this text file :.

As in Method 1 this file represents a list of commands to be executed when the GUI loads. It is usually blank when you first edit it so just add the applications you need to auto-load:. Since v0.

Xfce Setup

This means you can no longer use both methods at the same time. Method 2 will take priority over Method 1. When I am in a Python-Minecraft mood I launch Minecraft and a terminal window ready for executing scripts using the following lines :.

This works best with Method 2 as in this example the Python script is stored in the home directory of the default Pi user. Whichever method you used just type startx from the command line and your chosen applications should load automatically. I would tend to put the larger applications first so they have as much time as possible to fire up.

Midori before LXTerminal. Will the python script open in a terminal window or run as a process in the background? Is there an easy way to accomplish that? It runs in the background … but you can launch LXTerminal instead and pass it a command line parameter to run a Python script. Thank you for going through the trouble. Thanks Don. I spotted that just before I published it … then obviously forgot to actually correct it!

Thanks for pointing it out. In the latest raspbian image I downloaded around Dec 30, they changed the path for the autostart file that is used. As Jeremy was saying, with the changes to the new image for Raspbian, it also effect the per user basis. Hopes this helps. Hope this helps.

I was having issues with this as well… I had set the pi to autostart into GUI thru raspi-config and all the instructions never made this work!!! However, figured out that if I disabled the autostart into GUI via raspi-config and run the command startx, it started working…. I am busy with an application that utilises the GPIO and it needs root priviliges, but I want it to auto start on boot.

I usually have to open the current folder as root and then I can start my application by double clicking. I used the following command to change the file ownership to pi and switch back to root afterward. Howard, I am not quite with you?LXDE is light but eye-candy desktop environment mainly used by Linux distributions.

Ubuntu supports as a sub-distribution for a long time named Lubuntu. In this tutorial, we will look at how to install Lubuntu. Lubuntu is fast and lightweight operating system based Ubuntu. It uses a minimal desktop environment named Lxde with the selection of light applications. Another main motivation of Lubuntu is less energy usage. This will make Lubuntu useful for Laptops.

Lubuntu image can be download from lubuntu. Lubuntu is provided as two versions 32 bit or 64 bit. I will use bit Lubuntu in this tutorial. The size of both versions are similar and the bit version is MB. Before starting installation we need to decide where we will install Lubuntu. If we will install into a virtual machine we should mount it to VM. If we will install into physical hardware like a laptop, netbook or pc we should burn it into a CD or USB.

In this example, I will install into a VM. We will look Lubuntu installation step by step. We will use Lubuntu We will select the language used after installation. Here we will select the English as language. Here we will select install updates during installation and also enable multimedia plugins. This will download newer packages and multimedia related packages like ffmpeg etc during installation. This will make the installation a longer time.

This is the disk configuration where we will select the disk configuration from 4 different options. As disk operations are critical like deleting, formatting we have to approve explicitly them. This step will delete specified partition content and create new ext4 file system.

lxde tutorial

As I am living in Turkey I select Istanbul time zone. We can select the time zone by clicking to the map. We will select the keyboard layout with sub-layouts.Linux is all about choice, and I do have plenty of them. Debian is one of the oldest Linux distributions still in active development.

How to Install LXDE Desktop Environment on Ubuntu 18.04

It is a popular distribution for personal use among software developers. It is also the most popular Linux web server platform. Debian has a great community and the amount of software packaged far exceeds any other Linux disto out there.

What I am after is a picture like this:. The numbers represent the memory consumed by the system immediately after it was started and the user logged in. Debian has three different branches you can chose from. Unstable has the latest and greatest software. The name is somehow unfortunate, I would say the software is more stable than what you can find in Fedora.

Stable contains the latest officially released version of Debian. This is the production release. Testing branch contains packages that are in the queue to be accepted in the stable branch. I will install it starting with a network install. The download page is here. I burn the iso image on a USB stick using dd command. To find out what device driver is handling the USB stick, I use hwinfo apt-get install hwinfo :.

The installation was uneventful.

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Logging in, I check ps ax. There is also a system logger rsyslog and the standard cron daemon. By default it allows root login, and it needs some securing.

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The server runs in 38MB of memory I use free command to measure it. It is an excellent base to build a desktop. Next step is to install the X Window environment. Debian uses apt-get to manage packages. There are other alternatives available, such as aptitude or synaptic.

For now I will stick with apt-get.

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Once installed, I start X Window environment with startx command. In an xterm I use free command to measure the memory: 55MB.

Next step is to install LXDE. Next reboot you will be directed to login into a display manager lightdm. Debian has over 30, packages to chose form. To search for packages use apt-cache search name command.

lxde tutorial

You will probably start with a web browser and mail client. In Debian the regular Mozilla programs are called Iceweasel and Icedove :. You can continue with some text editors, graphic editors, and LibreOffice suite:.Start by booting up Alpine see these instructions on how to do that When Alpine is up and running, do the initial setup. Edit the file using viand uncomment the line with community at the end.

Run the setup-xorg-base script to install the xorg base packages and to replace mdev with udev. We can also install xfce4 and the selected packages while here. You will most likely want to install a package suitable for your video chipset and input devices. For example, if you have an Sis video chipset install 'xfvideo-sis', for Intel video chipset install 'xfvideo-intel'.

How To Autostart Apps In Rasbian LXDE Desktop

On most systems, xorg should be able to autodetect all devices. However you can still configure xorg-server by hand by launching:. Xorg -configure. You can modify this file to fit your needs. Note that you will need the "setxkbmap" package for this to work! When doing so, it is important to use the command:. This ensures that only one user is changing the file at any given time. Visudo has two modes: Command mode and Insert mode. To edit the file, use the arrows to navigate to the appropriate line and enter Insert mode by pressing the 'i' key.

Depending on your setup procedure dbus probably isn't running at this point, which will lead to issues like missing icons and keyboard shortcuts. For browsing of network shares within XFCE that works seamlessly with file associations, you can install gvfs-fuse and the gvfs packages for the network protocols you use.

For instance, for SMB:. Presently 3. However, it may be sufficient for GVfs to initiate the fuse kernel module:. Then you can manually start the fuse service you'll need to restart any XFCE sessions already in progress -- you can log them out and log in again :. Or you can try to disable hotplug. To do this, the 'exec' line usually the last line in the file should read "exec startxfce4". If you login to xfce once, logout, and then login again, and your panel and windows disappear or start flickering, this is because xfce is writing a default config file with the compositor enabled, but does not enable it during your first login.

Open the windows manager tweaks and dconf editor or use dconf-query before you log out. Tick the compositor to off in the window manager tweaks ui. If you have a recent enough xfce 4.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users and developers of hardware and software for Raspberry Pi.

It only takes a minute to sign up. I upgraded a raspberry Pi installation with a Pi 2. But since I upgraded all packages, the autostart does not work anymore:.

There's a fairly plausible sounding explanation for your problem in this thread on the raspberrypi. That is the global autostart file, and works for all users If the user has an autostart file the global one is ignored and the personal autostart is used. User settings are applied last and take precedence over global settings.

Jessie creates a user's autostart file during the install, so changing settings in the global file no longer have any effect. It's recommended that you don't use sudo to edit it. After Raspian installation everything looked OK at first until I looked at autostart. I then created the file autostart as an empty file and added my autostart command. After reboot I had a black screen. I have other working Pis and I checked their autostart files. They have these lines. I am adding this answer for the benefit of someone else like me who is looking for a solution to the same problem.

Also you can change the --start-fullscreen for kiosk, but kiosk needs to kill the process of your app. I Managed to overcome it using this tutorial. Then I included this in. If you need anything beyond simply launching programs, better make a shell script and call that from the autostart E.

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